Pastor Bill White

Bill and Megan married in November of 2001. They have three children who all attend school in Knoxville.

Pastor Bill graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a BA in Bible (with an emphasis in Theology) and from Lincoln Christian University with a MA in Spiritual Formation. He served as a Pastor of Student Ministries in Colorado for 6 years before becoming an Associate Pastor at E-Free Church of Bloomington, IL in 2008. Bill began his ministry as Lead Pastor of Community the last Sunday of 2015. 

He has a passion for helping others use their gifts for the Lord, partnering with parents to grow healthy families, and sharing Christ’s love with others. His teaching style is relational, centered on the truth of Scripture, and he always strives to provide a way for hearers to apply God’s truth to their lives. Bill has many hobbies, but in general enjoys anything that allows him to be in God’s creation. 

Youth Director

Todd Clark & Louise 


Myron Miller & Vicki
Dennis Conway & Denise
Denise Dennis
Brad Bennewitz & Kelli
Other Team Members: 
Henry Combs & Dawn
Jeff Putnam & Jackie
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